New Gins on way to the Inn

gint2As summer approaches what could be better than a cool, long gin and tonic. As many of you will know the gin market has gone bonkers of late and new Gin is coming to market faster than vodka did some years ago.

Tim our owner is on a trip of Mallorca. The Spanish are, as a nation, one of the biggest consumers of gin in the world and there are always some new special gins and tonics to discover. Last time it was Mallorca’s very own Eleven Gin made from pomace as opposed to grain spirit.

Tim has discovered four new gins which he is ‘bringing back to the Inn’ firstly Goa Gin……. Goa’s exquisite taste stems from eight carefully selected botanical ingredients coupled with a unique distillation process controlled by experts who draw on over 300 years’ experience in London Distilled Gin.

The distillation process starts using a pair of uniquely crafted, small stainless steel stills, where the neutral grain spirit and the botanical ingredients are mixed in a unique process to ensure smoothness and a luxurious taste. Marie Brizard have come up with a gin called ‘Old Lady’s Gin’ another London Dry Gin with an air of tradition although the preferred garnish is grapefruit and coriander, the next two gins are both distilled in France and are both classified as London Dry Gins too. One is No.0 which is infused with quinine and it is advisable to have neat with ice and lemon zest.

gintFinally the next is ‘Blue Ribbon Essential’ it has nicely meshed aromas of anise and nutmeg with a layer of delicate juniper and minerals underneath follow through on a very soft, satiny entry to a vibrant, dryish medium body with wet grain, dried citrus and riverstone notes. Finishes with a layers of dried citrus, and flowers cinnamon and spice melange reminiscent of egg nogg or spiced cake. Try it in a martini.

So the Cholmondeley Arms welcomes four more gins as we head toward the magic 150 gins on the back bar. Tim also discovered a unique Tonic (pictured) which he will bring back for Gin Class teachers Struan and Steve to try!!

A GnT?

Gin classes off with a bang!!!

gin3The Cholmondeley Arms Saturday afternoon Gin tasting classes have got off to a great start!! As we reached the 140 gin mark (just 21 behind the Guinness book of records) Terry and his family, celebrating his birthday, were first off. As the picture shows Terry and his family wasted no time after their training to get home and mix some serious G’n’T’s!!

The class consists of tasting the six styles of Gin, tasting four different tonic waters, learning about botanicals, gin history and the perfect serves. You then get to order your favourite of the ones tested as a complete Gin and Tonic!! There is a warm up quiz and lots of fun and banter in the name of gin!! You can see our ‘Gin Champion’ Struan taking a class through their paces with our landlord Steve as the ‘assist’.

If you want to come and enjoy our gin tasting classes then book your party (maximum 12) in on a Saturday afternoon with Steve or Struan and become a gin expert!! Remember we also have 6 bedrooms if you want to stay and make a night of it!!









140 Gins now at the Cholmondeley Arms

140With the arrival of four new gins the 140 Gin ‘barrier’ has been surpassed. It is hard to believe just under a year and a half ago we opened the doors to the new Cholmondeley Arms where we thought we had done well to have 40 gins on our bar. The Gin market has grown significantly since we decided gin was the thing at Cholmondeley. Now we have added 100 more gins which is fantastic. We are now 27 from the Guinness Book of records!! The new additions include two different gins from Gordon’s and Tanqueray!!!

Just the Tonic!!

Here at the Chum we have now agreed regular supply of 1724 tonic. This premium tonic is great as a non-alcoholic drink with lots of ice and a slice of orange or as recommended on our gin quarterly with Sloanes Gin and a slice of lemon and orange. We are now in search of our 10th and 11th tonics as the pictures show. Tim our owner discovered these Tonics in Mallorca and we are now searching them out to hopefully add to our portfolio. The world of Gin is growing as so too is the premium tonic market. So next time you are here at the Chum talk tonic when ordering your gin!!


1724 Tonic restyled and in stock

1724 Tonic restyled and in stock



Two Gins are brought to the Inn

Farmers Gin is Inn!!

Farmers Gin is Inn!!

Sprock Caribanana Gin is the weirdest Gin to arrive so far. It is from the Caribbean! As part of the Kingdom of the Netherlands, many citizens were accustomed to the “Jenever” of the Netherlands and enjoy this popular “Dry Gin”.

The Distillery House is located in Sharloo, an old and quaint section of the city of Willemstad Curaçao, which was nominated one of the Unesco World Heritage Cities in the Caribbean. The House was founded in July 1929 by the late Don Jaime Antonio Jose Sprock.

Out of the desire to exceed customer’s expectations by providing quality products at affordable prices, Don Jaime began the factory with bottling of its own brand of rum for local consumption; “Ron Superior”  in a variation of sizes; In the next 10 years, he had also created his own Vodka and Gin. This is his Gin……… mmmmh we will let you decide!!

Also arrived is the Farmers Gin from the U.S.A as detailed below so see you soon to try a tot or two.


Farmers is on its way from the U.S!!

farmersYes thanks to regular Chris ‘Gin is coming to the Inn’ this time from the U.S in the form of Farmers Organic Gin …..Big thanks to Chris you can read about the gin below. If you want to ‘Bring Gin to the Inn’ email us from your holiday in Europe or the US and we will confirm whether we have the gin you have found. If we haven’t please bring it back with a receipt and we will pay you back for it as well as paying you £10 in Cholmondeley vouchers to buy a couple of Gin and Tonics on us!!

Botanicals in Organic Balance

Farmer’s Organic Gin is handcrafted in small batches from carefully selected botanicals and the purest grains. Providing a pristinely clean palette for the artful infusion of botanicals, the distillate is made from sustainably farmed grain grown in the U.S. Certified organic by the USDA, Farmer’s Gin possesses a complexity and unique taste profile due to its remarkably balanced selection of organic botanicals, including juniper, elderflower, lemon grass, coriander, and angelica root.

Why they call it Farmer’s

In order to produce a flavorful organic gin, they sought out farmers dedicated to sustainability and preserving the earth. They found four farms growing organic crops that could help them create the highest quality organic gin. They think that there is no better way to honour their farmers than by naming our organic gin after them.


New Gin Quarterly arrives

Spring is on its way…honest!!! To celebrate Steve, Tim, Ben Stru and Monika have been looking at their next top ten gins to share with you for the coming season from the wonderful selection on the back bar here at Cholmondeley.

The selection covers some of the most innovative gins on our shelves not least the Mallorca gin named Eleven featured in news below. The new Gin quarterly will launch on January 30th 2013 so come on down and enjoy the taste of Spring!!



First Craft Gin to come from Mallorca!!!

Two years ago I stood in the vineyards of Ca’n Vidalet in the northwest of Mallorca approximately one and a half kilometres from Pollenca. I was keen then to get Mallorcan wines recognised for their quality back here in England and more specifically at our first pub in Cheshire the Bulls Head. I am back again in Mallorca looking at wine and spending more time researching the growth in Gin here on the Island. To my surprise I found that the vineyard of Ca’n Vidalet is a craft Gin distillery as well as an exceptional
winery now.

‘Eleven’ is a gin made from…no surprises here…eleven Botanicals. This gin is different though it has been developed from a Pomace base that would normally be used to make Grappa. The botanicals are typically Mediterranean, with rosemary, Thyme and coriander, there are floral and citrus notes but this gin is pure and I mean really pure!! Gin Mare the most famous Spanish Gin would struggle against this excellent craft gin.

It is the first gin produced completely on the Island and a bottle will soon be on the bar of The Cholmondeley Arms served with a less sweet tonic and a piece of lemon zest and ice this is a distinctly different gin.

Hopefully our import will be here for Christmas in the meantime wait patiently!!!

We have introduced some new gins to our ever growing collection.

The Dram. As in this 164 years old drawing, most people then were drinking their gin neat at the London ‘gin shops’ or ‘dram shops’.

The Norwegian Hammer Gin is among the purest of its kind, created with wild herbs and spices and produced according to a 200 year-old tradition. Using double pot still distillation with a unique filtering process extracts the purest flavour from the herbs, giving the product a clear, rich taste. Pure nose with a distinct aroma of juniper berries and a hint of citrus. Crispy, fresh and with a definite taste of juniper berries and elements of citrus. Refreshing aftertaste with a distinct dryness.

The French G’Vine Gin is small batch distilled from neutral grape spirit with fresh whole-fruit botanicals softened by the infusion of vine flower. Coming from all over the world, nine rare and fresh whole-fruit botanicals chosen for their purity and aromatic and healing properties – ginger roots, liquorice, green cardamom, cassia bark, coriander, juniper berries, cubeb berries, nutmeg and lime – are infused by family during 2 to 5 days and distilled in the grape neutral spirit in small liqueur-maker stills to get the best quintessence.

Infusions of vine flower and fresh botanicals are then blended together and copper-pot distilled a last time to get an ultimate and perfect smoothness and personality.

Bombay Dry Gin is one of the great old-school style London Gins, Bombay Original was first introduced in 1959 and is the precursor of the now more famous Bombay Sapphire. Much drier and more traditional.