Sunday May 5th 2013 the Cholmondeley Car Club was officially launched!!

How to Join

To be a member of this ‘elite’ and hopefully fun club all you have to do is….

A) Own a beautiful car that you are proud of….
B) Park your proud car at the Cholmondeley Arms….
C) Take a photo of your proud Car and email the photo to our Manager James at our email address with your name and your cars name/make etc. It’s as simple as that!!

Your Car picture will then be proudly presented on the website. We will be organising special events throughout the year for Club Members. As well as the annual Cholmondeley Treasure Hunt every July.

There is no joining fee for the Club. We will from time to time ask for small donations for local charities at our club events.

Each member on joining will receive a Car club Mug, a car sticker and a free pint of Cholmondeley Best Bitter (or glass of wine) served to them proudly in the pub!! Mugs will be presented when you visit to claim your pint or glass of wine or at the special events we arrange.

So come and enjoy the Cholmondeley Car club now!!!

Our Club Badge

There are four key influences on the badge, Our Cholmondeley Arms of course, who will run the club.

When we have enough members there will be events organised from treasure hunts to gin tastings for new club members. There will naturally be some positive rivalry between the Chum Car Club and the two car clubs which have operated for six years at our ‘sister’ pub the Bulls Head in Mobberley. Firstly the 3p Club (Porsche, Pub and Pint Club) and the ‘Goodfellows’ Car Club for all other vehicles that aren’t Porsches!! We are also establishing a car club at our new pub the Fitzherbert Arms in Swynnerton, Staffordshire.

Also on the badge is the Cholmondeley ‘Power and Speedr’ Crest which highlights one of the biggest Sports car events in the UK held in June each year in the beautiful grounds of Cholmondeley Castle.

We have included a car symbol on the badge too reflecting the need for the club to recognise sports cars, vintage cars, classic cars and new models too!!

Finally on the badge there is a Toad. Acknowledgment of our loyal guests, the wonderful ‘Toads Car Club’ who, become honorary members immediately.

Below are some of the stunning vehicles that graced our pub for two years before we started the Chum Club. Now you can understand the need for our own car club!!