Two Gins are brought to the Inn

Farmers Gin is Inn!!

Farmers Gin is Inn!!

Sprock Caribanana Gin is the weirdest Gin to arrive so far. It is from the Caribbean! As part of the Kingdom of the Netherlands, many citizens were accustomed to the “Jenever” of the Netherlands and enjoy this popular “Dry Gin”.

The Distillery House is located in Sharloo, an old and quaint section of the city of Willemstad Curaçao, which was nominated one of the Unesco World Heritage Cities in the Caribbean. The House was founded in July 1929 by the late Don Jaime Antonio Jose Sprock.

Out of the desire to exceed customer’s expectations by providing quality products at affordable prices, Don Jaime began the factory with bottling of its own brand of rum for local consumption; “Ron Superior”  in a variation of sizes; In the next 10 years, he had also created his own Vodka and Gin. This is his Gin……… mmmmh we will let you decide!!

Also arrived is the Farmers Gin from the U.S.A as detailed below so see you soon to try a tot or two.


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