Circa £3000 raised for charity as the Annual Cholmondeley Clay Pigeon shoot goes with a bang!!!

Well done to the famous five (you know who you are!!) for organising such a terrific event!!! This shoot which Steve our landlord is aiming to make an annual event was attended by 17 teams of five and 70 individuals. The event was sponsored by HJ Lea Oakes. Over £3000 was raised for Charity. Please see some photos of the day the winning Team were the Checkley Wanderers, Nick Beavis, Tim Vaughan and Martin Waring…..captained by Ivor Beavis. Well done and here’s to next year!!

The Quest for the Headmasters Ale is complete!!!

At last the brewer has been found for our Headmasters Ale!!

A couple of weeks ago The ‘Ale team’ went out in search of a brewer and attended the ‘2012 National Winter Ale Festival’ on the Oldham Road. This was, in itself, an eye opener for the team!! As you can see from the photos the line of pumps was something else!! The team decided on arrival that food might be the best approach prior to indulging in the exceptional choice of ales.

The choice of food was amusing to the Chum team you could choose from an Asian set menu or an English set menu for a buffet style service. Tim and Steve went English (as you might expect from true custodians of good quality British food in pubs) and then our choices were revealed….lasagne, Roast Tandoori Chicken or the veggie cheese Pie!!! We went for the lasagne and we knew it was English as it didn’t have any pasta in it!!! Anyway with Chips and peas it filled the gap prior to the tasting!!!

200 beers were on show including foreign beers and ciders and it was good to see Redwillow and other Northwestern ‘micros’ at the festival. For me the beers I enjoyed most came from Liverpool Organic Beers and Ilkley Brewery and the German draught pilsners hit the mark before we returned for a second lasagne!!! Did we find a brewer though?

Now back at the Chum the bar was set up with three ‘ Headmaster Ale’ badges obviously taking over three of our ‘famous five’ pumps and the brewers put their beers in to our cellar. Their ‘brief’ was to supply a classic malty traditional bitter with an ABV of 4.5%. Visitors to the Chum last weekend tried and tested the offering and we came out with a winner in 24 hours.

The tasting was ‘blind’ completely, no descriptions, no mention of breweries, simply taste the ales and decide the best!!! Congratulations to local brewery Weetwood who won by seven votes pushing Salopian in to second place. The launch of The Headmasters Ale will take place next week. Come in and try a pint.

Finally a massive thanks to the ‘Ale Team’ for arranging such a great trip. We enjoyed it thoroughly!!! Also thank you to Struan for arranging the ‘taste off’ and all the ale fans at the Chum for voting!!!

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Burns night is celebrated in style!!!

Christian cooked the haggis, Justin our Kiwi Piper of Scottish decent played the pipes like a dream and Steve and the team welcomed many of you to a cracking night of great food and wee drams. I think the Chum lends itself to this sort of evening judging by the packed house. Thank you to all who attended and here’s to a new legendary evening at the ‘Chum’ for many years to come.

A great night was had by all on Robbie Burns night at the Chum




The Chum leads the way with ‘Gin at the Inn’

I now see how ahead of things we were by dedicating our back bar here at the Cholmondeley Arms to the great English favourite Gin (and Tonic).

Everywhere I look there is coverage of a gin revival. We opened with 40 different gins and presented to the customer a ‘Gin Bible’ to help educate and influence experimentation by giving choice. We held our Amateur annual gin making competition in Sloe and Damson Gins in December and we now have a gin evening arranged during our forthcoming Cheshire Game week on 15th February 2012 where “William Chase Gin” distiller James Chase will be talking through the ‘farm based’ distillery that followed the success of Tyrells Crisps brought about by James’s father William.

Naturally gin will be tasted and discussions will ensue at what promises to be one of many gin nights to happen here at the ‘Chum’

We have grown to 80 gins on the back bar and are now the biggest purveyor of Gin outside London!!!

Also on the 15th Steve and Stru will be launching (finally) the ‘Stirred not Shaken’ Cholmondeley Gin Martini and also their “Gintroduction” board!!!

Coupled on the night with Christians Cheshire Game stew cooked with junipers and William Chase Gin cured Salmon on a savoury apple scone and fennel coleslaw it promises to be a great evening!!

Please ring Steve for further details. Below is an article written by Mike Wendling of BBC Radio Four which gives an insight into the growth of the ‘micro-distiller’. Interesting stuff indeed!!

To download the article “Gin is the tonic for a creative boom in the drinks business” click here.

Oh what a night…….. late December back in 2011!!!

Oysters, Champagne, a singer on the ‘Minstrels Gallery’, our team, (who were ‘dressed to impress’) and of course a lot of special guests made our first New Year’s Eve Party a terrific success.

Having started the day early preparing for the Cheshire Hunt the team, led by Steve, carried on in to the early hours of 2012 as everyone enjoyed fun and chatter in a real pub atmosphere. No tickets required just a great night out to see in the New Year.

Thank you to the team for working so hard all day and night and to all the loyal customers who ‘rocked’ up to the Chum!!

Here’s to the next time!!



A Hot dog or two???

New Year’s Eve began with a bang at 11am yes A.M. with the ‘Cheshire Hunt Meet’. Our landlord Steve and the team did a great job pouring port and feeding the odd hot sausage or two to the many people (and the odd hound or two!!) who turned up to see the really splendid horses as well as the colourful riders!!!

Thanks to the team for all their help and thank you to the hunt for choosing ‘the Chum’ as the starting point for such a great event. Thanks too to our locals who helped share the odd glass of port with visitors and riders alike and to Johnny who made the best use of all the manure left over!!! It can be a crappy job you know!!!

Happy New Year!!! Click on an image below to view full size gallery

Chomondeley opens for the first time on Christmas day!!

Our landlord and his girlfriend Claire(pictured) with the superb assistance of Steve’s mum (on sausages) and dad (on fire lighting) opened the doors of the Cholmondeley Arms for the first time on Christmas day!!

The tradition of a pint of ale/glass of fizz and a ‘pig in blanket’ nibble at the ‘Chum’ on the 25th December has now been set and everyone who visited thoroughly enjoyed the occasion.

Children arrived by pony with their family in tow and the ponies tied up outside the pub made a great Christmas day scene.

Thank you to Steve and family for swinging the pub doors open and thank you too to all the locals for making it special.




Steve Ships in his first ground breaking Red wine for Christmas and New Year!!

Steve, our Cholmondeley Arms landlord, has worked with wine supplier Bibendum who have discovered a great Chilean Red to enjoy over the festive season. The wine is contained in old champagne bottles with the tops of the bottle sealed with wax, so already you can see the uniqueness of this ‘boutique’ red wine.

Bibendum Director of Buying for the Southern Hemisphere, Iain Muggoch, has challenged Chile to move away from predictable branded pyramid ranges and focus on the country’s potential to produce exciting, terroir-driven wines that can rival the best in the world.

Speaking after a recent visit to the country, Muggoch said: “Chile is currently at a crossroads. For a long time, it has played to the UK, US & China’s demand for large volumes of low priced but clean varietal wines. There was no other country that could produce this quality at the bulk prices and availability being offered.

“However, the consequences of the 2010 earthquake and rising costs throughout the supply chain mean that the Chile is simply no longer able to produce enough good quality juice to meet global demand for entry level wine.

“Chile now has a fantastic opportunity to change the way people around the world perceive it, by focusing on its old vines, exciting, varied terroirs and talented, innovative winemakers. It needs to break out of the boring pyramid that starts with varietal wines and moves up through ‘Reserva’ and ‘Single Vineyard’ to ‘Icon’ and produce more wines that really excite consumers.

“We are now working with a number of boutique producers and independent winemakers in the country, and I have never been more excited about Chilean wine.”

One of these producers is the Garage Wine Company from whom Steve has shipped in this latest batch from , (with Bibendums help). We are not telling you anymore. If you appreciate beautiful reds then pop in and Steve or Stru will explain the latest ‘shipped in‘ wine further and let you try it..

Local Louis is our Annual Gin Appreciation Champion!!!

The crowds flocked to the Cholmondeley Arms on Tuesday evening for the first (and by no means last!!) Annual Gin Appreciation Championship!! Sixteen Gins featured from the Sloe variety to the Damson variety. I am told by Bob and Louis from Brockman’s Gin, (who sponsored the event) that the quality of the Gin was really ‘top drawer’!!

As I write this update I am still waiting for Steve our Cholmondeley Landlord to emerge from the judging!!! He had to lie down afterwards for some reason!!!

I am joking of course we are just waiting for photos but I can declare that our very loyal customer Louis (not to be mixed up with Brockman’s Gin Louis) won the Championship with what the judges called  a Gin that would rival Plymouths Damson gin!!! Louis proudly calls his ‘special blend’ of gin ‘the Hounds testicles’ or words along those lines!!!

In second was Richard’s ‘killing me sloe –ly’ Gin (the name alone is a winner!!!) and finally in joint third was Sarah’s special reserve and Tony’s Herb gin!!! Congratulations to everyone.

Louis was presented with his own unique crystal Gin glass which will be engraved with his name and will take pride of place on our back bar ready for Louis to use when he visits us.  Louis also wins a bottle of Brockman’s and a trip to the distillery where Brockman’s is distilled.

We would like to thank everyone who took part at very short notice when considering the gin making process and Steve for setting it up and the team for helping him.

A big thank you to Bob and Louis from Brockman’s for all their help!!

Pictures will follow soon but here’s one of Steve and Brockman’s Louis getting to grips with the judging!!!

‘In Out’ shake it all about!!!

We were very proud when the editor of ‘In Out’ magazine approached us with the view to putting the ‘Chum’ on their front page.

We think it looks rather good and already many guests here at the Chum have run away with their copy!!

As you can see some guests simply settle by the fire in the ‘wing backs’ and have a good read over a pint of fine ale or a glass of Elderflower Prosecco!!

Who is this mystery guest we wonder??!