Chum Treasure Hunt ends in a draw…..

treasThe annual Cholmondeley Arms Car Treasure hunt had a record number of teams with the weather looking good! Quiz questions about the Cholmondeley Arms and the Car Club as well as a car picture quiz all had to be completed as well as the active treasure hunt itself! There were 85 points to get and by the end two teams couldn’t be separated!
Teams called ‘No Idea’ and ‘Team Chumps’ seem to defy their team names by bagging 65 points each as the Cup and Cholmondeley Arms gift vouchers were shared for the first time!!
Well done to all who took part! See you next year!!

No Cheating for the Cheetahs!



It was that time again when members of the Cholmondeley Car club went head to head with each other for the title of Champions of the Cholmondeley Car Club Treasure Hunt 2015.

Our famous Car Club Assist Ben Redwood managed to put together a tasking hunt with some difficult challenges as 6 cars hit the road at 3pm on Saturday 5th September.

The weather conditions were good but the distraction of the rugby and holidays meant last year’s Champs and runners up could not make it to challenge for the trophy!!

David and Dan made up the famous twosome who drove under the name the Cheetahs and came back to Cholmondeley with the most clues answered and met all the other criteria to be this year’s Treasure Hunt Champions!

Well done the Cheetahs and thank you to all the car teams who took part and thanks to Ben, Jess and the Chum team for setting up a great day.

Car Clubs enjoy the spring weather!

South Cheshire Raiders enjoyed Cholmondeley before heading out for a day’s drive. Breakfast was served in the form of sausage and bacon baps and lots of coffee and tea too. The cars as always are a great spectacle and can be seen below in the gallery from Aston Martin’s to Lagondas…there are some special cars indeed…a stunning E-Type and some perfect old Rileys.

Any car clubs wishing to use Cholmondeley as a finish or a start to their drive day can contact Jess or Will at

‘Team Google’ win Treasure Hunt

treasuIt was a beautiful albeit windy day in Cholmondeley on Saturday for our annual car treasure hunt. The treasure hunt was open to our car club members as well as locals who wanted to partake.

All teams set off at 3pm with the instruction to arrive back by 5.30pm along the treasure hunt there were general knowledge questions to answer and pictures to take. It was a beautiful route around the Cheshire Countryside.

When the teams arrived back at the pub all question papers were marked whilst teams eagerly awaited the results. There were two teams who finished the treasure hunt and general knowledge questions on the same mark, so it went to the tie break question!

These two teams were ‘The Pitstops’ who finished in third place in their Alfa Romeo Spider. ‘The Pitstops’ were beaten by the ‘Westfield Wallies’ by 3 points in the tie break. The ‘Westfield Wallies’ completed the treasure hunt in their Westfield. In first place was ‘Team Google’ they completed the hunt in their Mitsubishi also known as ‘The Tank’.

Thank you to all of the teams who took part and we look forward to seeing you all again next year!!




Car Meet brightened up by Gin Fest!



As many of you will know Saturday was a wet miserable day and we have the photos to prove it. It wasn’t a day for Vintage cars but the classic cars had a good go. Thank you so much to the few that turned up who I referred to as the ‘magnificent seven’!! In fact as it turned out there were eight of cars in the end!! Well maybe nine if you count a  little boys replica Porsche!! The rain created the usual ‘lake’ in the Chum car park which fortunately drained away by the afternoon.

It was a shame we didn’t agree to meet in the evening as the sun came out then but it was so busy with Gin Fest that club drivers would have struggled to park in the evening.

We had five new members join the Cholmondeley Arms Vintage, Classics and Sports Car Club.

Bacon butties were enjoyed as were one or two gin samples by the non-drivers. We are now busily arranging the next Car event and we will post it here and email out to all registered members…….in the meantime a massive thank you to all the cars that made the effort in such poor weather.