No Cheating for the Cheetahs!



It was that time again when members of the Cholmondeley Car club went head to head with each other for the title of Champions of the Cholmondeley Car Club Treasure Hunt 2015.

Our famous Car Club Assist Ben Redwood managed to put together a tasking hunt with some difficult challenges as 6 cars hit the road at 3pm on Saturday 5th September.

The weather conditions were good but the distraction of the rugby and holidays meant last year’s Champs and runners up could not make it to challenge for the trophy!!

David and Dan made up the famous twosome who drove under the name the Cheetahs and came back to Cholmondeley with the most clues answered and met all the other criteria to be this year’s Treasure Hunt Champions!

Well done the Cheetahs and thank you to all the car teams who took part and thanks to Ben, Jess and the Chum team for setting up a great day.

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