Painting Commences (week 3)

Painting commences on the interior where we haven't sand blasted of course

The new entrance to the pub has been created


The eaves are now painted a softer colour

The garden benches are being sanded and painted by the team in readiness


The Headmasters House B&B has a new fence and is being painted

The hedges too are all being tidied up.


The land at the rear of the pub has been smartened up

The picket fence is now built


Decisions and plans are tweaked by the day

The eaves are now a warmer colour and the lighting is waiting for the signage


Old settles are waiting to be re-used

The Headmasters house gets warmer paint finishes


The entrance is ready for tiling.

The large ceilings are repaired and being painted


The outside dining area is extended.

The previously grim toilets are getting fully refurbished

The old wood joists are sandblasted and the walls of the pub are painted and waiting for mirrors etc

The Victorian back bar has arrived


What a great day to paint a pub!!

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