Cholmondeley Car Club launched!!

A beautiful warm Bank holiday Sunday morning….what could be better than getting your ‘pride and joy’ out of the garage, turning the key in the ignition and purring off to the newly re-surfaced Cholmondeley Arms car park where a coffee and a bacon sandwich were waiting!!! Bliss!! Then having the added bonus of another 30 or so ‘soon to be friends’ rock up in their pride and joys too!!!

Vintage met classic, old money met new money, sporty met power, British met Germans, Italians met Japanese and most of all it was all good fun. So the car club is launched and we want to thank the ‘Pistonhead’ enthusiasts for helping bring it all together with our Landlord Steve.

If you want to look at the cars in attendance please click on the gallery pictures below. We are now recruiting members to our elite car club so please click on “How to join” and we look forward to seeing you soon.

Look out for the next car club gathering!!

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