The Cholmondeley Arms’ 8th Treasure Hunt is a hit!

A lovely sunshine filled day greeted our keen competitors for the Cholmondeley Arms 8th Car Treasure Hunt. The pairs were sent off into the lovely Cheshire countryside picking up clues and answering challenging quiz questions along the route!

All arrived back safely after a couple of hours and enjoyed a much-needed drink and complimentary nibbles while Tim and Rebecca set about marking the papers. It took a while as everything was very close indeed, so there was a need for a series of recounts!

There was a draw for second and to separate the teams, we chose the highest individual Treasure Hunt score of the two teams on the same score overall. So, in third place were ‘Mickey’s Maniacs’ winning a £20 gift card. In second place were treasure hunt veterans the ‘Smithy Smart Arses’ who collected a £40 gift card. The winners of the Cup and a ‘Porsche for the Day’ and so becoming the Cholmondeley Arms Treasure Hunt Champions of 2022 were Team ‘Dr Livingstone I presume’!

Well done to all the teams who took part, you all did very well indeed. We hope to see you all again soon. We raised £100.00 for our two charities….Hospitality Action and Action Against Hunger. Thank you for competing and making it another great day at the Cholmondeley Arms.

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