Steve Ships in his first ground breaking Red wine for Christmas and New Year!!

Steve, our Cholmondeley Arms landlord, has worked with wine supplier Bibendum who have discovered a great Chilean Red to enjoy over the festive season. The wine is contained in old champagne bottles with the tops of the bottle sealed with wax, so already you can see the uniqueness of this ‘boutique’ red wine.

Bibendum Director of Buying for the Southern Hemisphere, Iain Muggoch, has challenged Chile to move away from predictable branded pyramid ranges and focus on the country’s potential to produce exciting, terroir-driven wines that can rival the best in the world.

Speaking after a recent visit to the country, Muggoch said: “Chile is currently at a crossroads. For a long time, it has played to the UK, US & China’s demand for large volumes of low priced but clean varietal wines. There was no other country that could produce this quality at the bulk prices and availability being offered.

“However, the consequences of the 2010 earthquake and rising costs throughout the supply chain mean that the Chile is simply no longer able to produce enough good quality juice to meet global demand for entry level wine.

“Chile now has a fantastic opportunity to change the way people around the world perceive it, by focusing on its old vines, exciting, varied terroirs and talented, innovative winemakers. It needs to break out of the boring pyramid that starts with varietal wines and moves up through ‘Reserva’ and ‘Single Vineyard’ to ‘Icon’ and produce more wines that really excite consumers.

“We are now working with a number of boutique producers and independent winemakers in the country, and I have never been more excited about Chilean wine.”

One of these producers is the Garage Wine Company from whom Steve has shipped in this latest batch from , (with Bibendums help). We are not telling you anymore. If you appreciate beautiful reds then pop in and Steve or Stru will explain the latest ‘shipped in‘ wine further and let you try it..

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