Just the Tonic!!!

Tonic restyled and in stock

Tonic restyled and in stock

Premium Tonic waters with or indeed, without gin, are becoming so popular that ‘Schhhh you know who?’ Are having to take a back seat!! Most people have heard of Fever Tree Tonics who pioneered the premium tonic and no doubt drove up the demand for premium gins. The gin ‘explosion’ has been amazing and here at Cholmondeley we always felt the grand old G&T was at home here. We are also fussy and one of the vital ingredients to a great G&T is effervescence or fizz. We believe that Fever Tree hasn’t the bubbles needed to stand up versus some new ‘kids on the block’.

We have therefore introduced three ‘guest’ tonics that carry the effervescence through your complete enjoyment of a refreshing G&T. Two are Indi Tonics both organic, one infused with lime. Both are great on their own over ice simply with a fresh lime squeeze. The third tonic is 1724 and is wonderful over ice with a slice of orange. Perfect for those that have driven to our pub but still want to pretend!!

Adding Gin to these premium tonics always can be complicated but the lime infused Indi Tonic is perfect with something as traditional as Tanqueray. The botanical Indi Tonic is lovely with Tanqueray Rangpur.

As for 1724 add this to Whitley Neil Gin with a refreshing slice of orange and there you have a differentiated alternative to Gordon’s, Schweppes and a chunk of lemon!!!


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