Great Car Meet at the Cholmondeley Arms.

A great morning was had at the Cholmondeley Arms with many cars arriving for our first proper car meet of the season. Our final Car Meet of the season will be at the Three Greyhounds Inn, Holmes Chapel Road, Allostock, Cheshire WA16 9JY.

We thank all club members for their understanding, regarding the time it has taken getting the clubs back up and running again. In the time out, the Cheshire Cat Pub Car Club has been founded for all Club members to be a part of. Individual Pub Clubs remain intact and together form the new club for bigger events in the future. Car Club badges were given out to members and some new attendees joined the Cholmondeley Car club for the first time.

We presented our usual ‘Cherished Car of the Day’ to Peter and his Alvis 1260, 1932 Sportsman’s Saloon.

Another Peter was presented ‘Car of the Day’ for his Jaguar D Type 1958 replica that he built himself from scratch from 100% Jaguar parts throughout. A real ‘labour of love’. So excited was I to hear about the car, I forgot to take the photo of Peter by his car but I got the engine, the car and the new car sticker proudly placed on the window!

Finally the ‘Class’ chosen by the Club on the day was Porsche. So it was Andrew and Claire who took ‘Best in Class’ for an immaculate GT3 991/2. Well done to them all and to all the Car Meet attendees.

We look forward to seeing you hopefully at the Car Club Treasure Hunts and the next Car Meet.

Thank you for your support.

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