Girls go Pumpkin shopping!!

Sophie and Mary (pictured) had a great night out shopping last Thursday!!!

Now all you girls(and guys for that matter) may have thought they were off to Manchester city centre or to the Trafford Centre!!

But no they went to Chelford Market to get a supply of pumpkins for both the Bulls Head and the Cholmondeley Arms ready for Halloween.

Fifty (yes 50) pumpkins were bought and already adorn the two pubs ready for certain members of the team to start carving them into various funny and spooky faces for this coming weekend.

How the two of them loaded up the car with all the pumpkins???……….hilarious to see them pull in outside the Bulls Head with a bright orange interior to the car!!!

Pumpkin also features on both menus and may well be doing for some time to come!!

Anyway happy half term and here’s to a great Halloween weekend where there will be more treats than tricks here at the pub.

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