Gins fly in from the USA!!!

Local regulars and Gin enthusiasts have brought ‘Gin to the Inn’. Chris & Dawn have been on holiday to the USA, and have brought back 3 gins for us that we previously didn’t have.

Number 92 on the Gin shelf is a gin called American Pride we are trying to get more information on this gin but it is proving difficul!! Nevertheless Stru’ and Steve say it is a really good traditional juniper gin and I believe them!!! At number 93 on the shelf is Fleischmann’s (America’s 1st Gin according to the Bottle). A light smooth gin. Fleischmann’s was the first American-made gin, starting in 1870. Fleischmann’s has a lighter gin taste, making it more mixable.

At number 94 on the list is Nicholas Gin and this one is amazing, the yanks seem to be doing something right…. Nicholas Gin Description is of standard proof, is distilled in USA and is a modern gin. This untraditional gin contains flavours from lavender, rose hips, and hibiscus. It is distilled by Fat Dog Spirits.

So remember we are always looking for gins and a massive thanks to Chris and Dawn (below) who add themselves to the ‘Bring Gin to the Inn Club’

We have many customers who like gin, who also like to travel and may find gins we don’t stock on those travels…. so…….we came up with ‘Bring Inn the Gin’ and here’s what you have to do.

  1. Find a gin and make sure we don’t stock it.
  2.  Buy the Gin and keep the receipt, this can be in Sterling, Euros (while they last!!) and American dollars
  3. Bring the Gin to the Inn.
  4.  Present the gin and if we don’t stock it already we will pay you the value of your receipt. (The seal on the bottle must be intact of course)
  5. As a bonus we will also give you a £10 Cholmondeley gift voucher for each bottle of gin brought Inn!!
  6. So for the new ‘Gin Supplier’ it’s a ‘win, win’ on the ‘gin,

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