Cheshire Food Week celebrated here in August!!!

Example of Christians specials board

As you know we are very proud here at the Cholmondeley Arms to have the finest local ingredients available to us for our seasonal menu and specials board (an example of which can be seen here).

In August, from 16th to 23rd inclusive we will be celebrating, via our specials board, great dishes that recognise the local Cheshire produce available to our Head Chef Christian and his team.

Literally a short journey to Richards farm for fresh vegetables is a trip taken regularly by Christian and the taste of those Cheshire potatoes couldn’t be better!!!

So make a note of the dates for the diary and come and enjoy the very best of Cheshire here at the Chum!!


Cheshire Farmer Richard works very hard to ensure the very best local produce is available to Christian our chef who goes and picks his own

The taste of our vegetables is of prime importance

Wild Scottish Sea trout with Samphire and Cheshire potato salad and cucumber ketchup


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