Annual Gin Appreciation 2014

The AGA was held last week and well attended by budding distillers of sloe and damson gins. Annually our guests come together with their home made gins to try and be the pride of Cholmondeley!!

20 gin lovers and makers took part and the evening was judged by David from Langley’s Gentleman’s Gin. He thoroughly enjoyed the efforts of the contestants and needed a taxi home afterwards. David presented the Chairman’s Champion 2014 to Roger Keys (our very own coffee supplier) and runner up went to another Roger this time Roger Haydock.

The Peoples Champion was chosen by everyone who take part as they sipped their way through 20 glorious mixtures! The People chose Kate Smith as Champion and Philippa Heler as runner up 2014.

Big congratulations to all who took part and of course the winners!

The main picture shows David of Langley’s holding the board with Kate and Philippa and Roger and Roger.

If you are a keen Fruit Gin maker then get ready for the AGA Cup next December 2015. Click on image below to view gallery.

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