Lighter lunches

Lighter Lunches Here at Cholmondeley!

Monday to Friday sandwiches and snacks are available on the board in addition to the main menu from mid-day until 5.30pm.

Light lunches and Sandwiches

  • Homemade fish finger sandwich with tartare sauce and a handful of chips £7.95
  • Welsh Rarebit on toast with a poached egg and a roast tomato salad £7.95
  • Headmasters Steak Sandwich with caramelized onions and a handful of chips £9.95
  • Braised Beef Hashcake with a fried hens egg £8.25
  • Open Prawn and Marie rose sandwich with a handful of chips £6.75
  • Coronation Chicken Salad with toasted almonds £10.45

All sandwiches come on a choice of white or multi-seed bloomer and are served with a handful of chips.

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